Get the perfect 'on-the-go' protein shake or porridge pot...

TRial 5-day pack

Made at home

"Sometimes I want to know I'm getting all the right nutrition with the minimum of fuss."

A new home-made protein range from NO JUNK JAC to fill you up and give you a perfectly balanced meal. Choose from protein shakes (vegan), porridge pots and chill out chocs (to aid sleep).

"I don't want artificially & chemically enhanced meals when I cook at home so why should I settle for that here?" Jacqueline Whitehart

"I want to be filled up with real food and no cravings knowing I've got the best nutritional balance available."

"When I looked at 'meal replacement shakes' they had an ingredients list a mile long. Colourings, sweeteners, artificial flavourings and thickeners all featured. All to trick you into thinking you'd had a pleasant meal. But the truth is they leave a nasty taste in your mouth and hungry an hour later."