Christmas Box - 5:2 Diet Plan

Christmas Box - 5:2 Diet Plan

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A brilliantly easy 28 day programme for the 5:2 diet.

Best for:

  • long-term weight change
  • part-time (2 days) diet
  • occasional meals out
  • minimal time in the kitchen

You receive a presentation box with everything you need to follow the 5:2 diet for 28 days.

What's in your Box?

  • Amazingly filling, 100% natural Protein Porridges (just add water) x 8
  • A simple Daily Plan that anyone can follow...
  • Easy and delicious recipes - 12 beautiful recipe cards - each calorie-counted to have exactly the right amount of calories
  • Craving-busting Chill Out Choc bedtime drinks x 8

If you're thinking about The New 5:2 Diet but are worried that it's too complicated and won't fit in with your lifestyle then this is the programme for you.

By taking the worry out of breakfast and giving you a fabulous 'on-the-go' porridge (that will keep you full and banish cravings ALL DAY), you can fit the 5:2 diet in with your day. I use a creamy milk-based protein called casein, which is the most slow-release protein available.

Cook a simple dinner from one of the recipe cards and your 5:2 diet is sorted. There's advice for 'freezer meals' and off-the-shelf dinner options too.

Remember these home-made (by me in my kitchen!) Protein Porridge Pots and Chill Out Choc bedtime drinks have been designed exclusively by me for this programme. You won't find them anywhere else.

Note: The Porridge Pots and Chill Out Choc contain milk, so are not suitable for vegans or those with dairy intolerance (please contact me as I may be able to provide an alternative)