Metabolic Plan Support Box

Metabolic Plan Support Box

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My most effective 28 day programme for weight-loss.

For less than the price of a daily coffee, you get either a Protein Shake (for Protein days) or Porridge Pot (for Carb days) every day that fits in perfectly with the Metabolic Plan. 

By taking the worry out of breakfast or lunch and giving you a fabulous 'on-the-go' meal, you can fit the metabolic diet in with your normal day. 

Best for:

  • fast results
  • turning over a new leaf
  • changing your body shape
  • personal support and motivation


You receive a presentation box with everything you need to kickstart your Metabolic Fat-loss Plan.

What's in your Box?

  • Protein Shakes x 12 for Protein & Healthy Fat phases
  • Porridge Pots x 12 for Better Carbs phases
  • Shaker Mixer Bottle (with wire ball for easy mixing)
  • Recipe for my famous Gluten Free Protein Bread (suitable for ALL phases)

Remember these home-made (by me in my kitchen!) Protein Shakes and Porridge Pots have been designed exclusively by me. You won't find them anywhere else.

Note: The Porridge Pots contain milk, so are not suitable for vegans or those with dairy intolerance